Waiting for unknown number of uncounted votes

Mayor Weisner on why he strongly supports Rick Guzman
April 1, 2017

Waiting for unknown number of uncounted votes

A Note on the Election Outcome from Rick Guzman:

“I want to congratulate Richard Irvin for running a great campaign. It has been an honor to run for mayor alongside you.

We are committed to finishing the process we began. I believe that every vote counts and that every vote should be counted. I am 100% prepared to accept the final decision of the voters once those votes have been received and tabulated.

As it stands, the race is too close to call. There is an unknown number of outstanding vote-by-mail ballots, grace-period ballots, overseas military ballots, and provisional ballots that have not yet been counted.

I’d like to thank my supporters, my volunteers, my family, and everyone who’s been a part of my campaign. We remain committed to Doing More Together. We will have more news to share once all of the votes have been counted.”

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