We want more for Aurora.  I AGREE

More Together.

Over the last decade, our city has made great strides. Investment has soared. Crime rates have sunk. For many in Aurora, life is richer and opportunity is greater than it has been in a long time.

But that’s not enough. Not nearly. We want more. Rick Guzman’s campaign for Mayor of Aurora is about what happens when the limited resource of local government meets the unlimited potential of community. It’s about doubling down on progress we’ve already made. It’s about recognizing that every resident is a resource and every voice is valuable.

We’re voting for more progress and more participation. We’re voting to make Aurora more itself.

We’re voting to do more. Together.

Why Rick?

Doing more – with less. That's been Rick Guzman's focus for 15 years of executive leadership. As Assistant Chief of Staff to Mayor Tom Weisner since 2011, Rick’s creative solutions have been behind many of the city’s most successful campaigns and development initiatives. He’s a big-picture thinker who specializes in listening well, understanding deeply – and then finding creative ways to leverage little opportunities to create big results.

Rick’s not a legislator; he’s an executive. And his specialty isn’t talk.

It’s action.